Accademia Italiana Della Cucina

The Accademia Italiana della Cucina was born - naturally at the dinner table, as is often the case with important things - when a group of friends, united at dinner on the 29th of July of 1953, heard and agreed with the idea which Orio Vergani had long been nurturing: that of founding an academy with the task of safeguarding, together with the traditions of Italian cuisine, the culture of the civilisation of the table, lively and active expression of the entire Nation.

The personages gathered around a table at the Hotel Diana in Milan - all qualified exponents of culture, industry and journalism - shared the belief that cuisine was not a matter of small importance, but was worthy of the highest care and attention from every cultured and intelligent person.

The fundamental objectives around which the activities of the Accademia revolve - safeguarding the culture and civilisation of the table in our country, promoting and favouring their diffusion in Italy and abroad, underlining the force of tradition, understood as a dynamic element - are objectives which are constantly in motion. It is impossible to block them in time or space. Because the natural and cultural environment changes, customs evolve, new generations follow each other and because cuisine is always experimenting and borders are always expanding. Thus, another of the Accademia's tasks is to coordinate the evolution of tradition; a task which requires constant activity, a continuous broadening of the areas of action, an incessant search for reasoned and conscious consent, a capillary diffusion on national territory as well as all over the world. To the Accademia, exploring and underlining the continuous opportunities offered by an assiduous attention towards gastronomical culture - the latter being almost food for the body as well as for the mind - means being constantly present at the organisation of cultural and convivial events, which can serve as stimulus to scholars, academics, authorities and restaurateurs in their mission to continuously diffuse, deepen, study, elaborate and improve the quality of knowledge, tradition, innovation and gastronomical education among the present and coming generations.

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